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FC Eithical Hacker Keynote Speaker

Headline Keynote Speaker
FC, Head of Cyber Research, Raytheon UK

FC is a well-known ethical hacker and social engineer, who has worked in the infosec field for over 20 years. His work as an ethical hacker demonstrates weaknesses in physical, personnel and digital controls helps organisations improve their security.

FC is currently Head of Cyber Research for Raytheon UK and the co-CEO of cybersercurity consultancy Cygenta, where he specialises in physical security assessments and pentration testing.

FC frequently gives talks at corporate events, security conferences, universities and schools and focuses on teaching people of all ages the art of security in an engaging and impactful way. He cofounded the Surrey and Hampshire Hackspace as well as Defcon 441417. He has co-hosted many podcasts, been featured in the press and regularly writes articles for journals and blogs.

John Noble Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker
John Noble, Director, NCSC

John Noble was a Director at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) from its launch until 2018. The NSCC was tasked with protecting the UK’s critical services from cyber-attacks, managing cyber incidents and improving the underlying security of the internet. In his role as the Director of Incident Management, Noble has established and led the response to nearly 800 significant cyber incidents.

Currently, Noble is a non-executive director at NHS Digital, where he chairs the Information Assurance and Cyber Security Committee. He is also a senior adviser to McKinsey.

From 2012-16 Noble was posted to the British Embassy in Washington where he led on engagement across a range of issues including cyber and joint-technology development.

Noble is an experienced senior leader with a strong track record for operational delivery and strategic business change.

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Jonathan Bowers Speaker

Jonathan Bowers, Managing Director, UKFast Enterprise

Jonathan Bowers joined the UKFast team in 2004, rising through the ranks to take up the position of Managing Director in 2012. In his current position as MD of UKFast Enterprise, Jonathan sees first-hand the devastating impact cyber-attacks and weak security measures have on all types of businesses. Supporting thousands of UKFast clients with the implementation of robust security, Jonathan is perfectly placed to advise businesses – from startups to enterprises – on remaining secure from malicious attacks within the ever-changing threat landscape.

Holly Grace Williams Speaker

Holly Grace Williams, Technical Director, Secarma

Holly has 10 years of experience within Information Security, with a Master’s degree in Information Security with Privacy. Her time is split between management and penetration testing, although she regularly speaks at conferences and expos about new threats to security.

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Arlene Bulfin Host

Arlene Bulfin, Director of People Development, UKFast

After four years teaching at schools in Greater Manchester, Arlene joined the Training, Education and Development team at UKFast to help transform IT education in the North West. In three years the team has gone from strength to strength, now working with 60 schools and more than 60,000 students in the region to promote IT careers and digital education. The programme that Arlene and the team are building includes a double award-winning apprenticeship scheme and has developed UKFast’s own workforce into one of the most qualified cloud technology teams in the country.

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